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Let us Supercharge your Business into a next level where you will get much more hits and make much more money-through SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing)! We offer comprehensive, professional Internet Marketing Services, Internet Marketing Consulting, Business Marketing, Internet marketing, website marketing, online marketing, SEO and SEM (also Website Marketing) services.

LISTALL is one of the Leading Business Online Internet Marketing Specialist consulting firms in South Africa. Many Companies offer only SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) but we offer full SEM (Search Engine and website Marketing services) which is so much more. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) includes all that SEO offers, but we offer many extra services for our clients.

Our priority is to "radically improve" the Google Ranking for each of our clients. This means that if you are currently somewhere on Page 5 or 6, that we will get you down to page two or even page "One". Obviously our ultimate aim would be to get you down into NUMBER ONE, on PAGE ONE! There are Companies that promise that they can do it, but they do not explain to their clients that they can only achieve this on minor keywords. This cannot be achieved with major keywords like "business marketing" or "advertising". The competition on these keywords is enormous and it takes much time to get there. We do only promise that which we can deliver. We have a team of Internet Marketing Specialists who spend time on a weekly basis to work on each of our clients' marketing.

We specialize in doing Internet Marketing (SEO, SEM and Website Marketing) services for Small and Medium Sized, South African Businesses who are serious about getting Business success from, and through their Websites.


We offer a totally comprehensive, unique 24 step strategic marketing plan to promote our clients' Businesses websites on the Internet. This includes the following:

Placement on Google Maps
Business Facebook Page (Facebook website)
Keyword Analysis and optimisation of your website
Correct use of Meta Tags on your website
Keyword Clouds of keywords used on your site
Correct use of best keywords
Best use of keywords on website text
Linking your website to Local and International Search engines
Placement of adverts on powerful websites
50 Manual checks of your website
Quarterly feedback reports
Monitoring of your website performance
Fixing broken links on your site
Creation of mini logo for your Business
Improving of Page and Domain Authorities
"What the Search Engines see" when looking at your Business
"How did clients get to me?"
Website recommendations and implementations
Individual Web Page optimisation (of every website page)
Improving Pagerank (PR)
Improving MozRank (mR)
Manually creating Links on other websites to your business website
Competition Analysis


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LISTALL is a Research and Development Company that follows a completely Scientific approach to Market and Advertise our Client’s Businesses effectively all over the Internet.

Our purpose is to assist our Clients to be more successful in their own Businesses-with less effort and at very affordable rates.

You can also start making more money today by increasing your website's effectiveness by Marketing it correctly.

Your Business should be Marketed PROPERLY, otherwise it is DEAD.  A Website not advertised and linked correctly is worth nothing. Not even Google can find it. Marketing your Business CORRECTLY is the answer!

This includes amongst many others the following!

We shall manually, on a Monthly basis place strategic adverts for you on very specific, powerful websites.
Your own Business Facebook Site, twitter account, Google+, Google Maps
Creating many manual Links to your Business. The Internet is a huge Network of LINKS. How well are you linked? How many backlinks are there to your site? When well linked, your popularity (MozRank or mR) and Pagerank (PR) will increase and you will have better Google placements

We currently own more than 125 South African Websites with more than 41 000 Links between them (our average “Mozrank” is 4) MozRank is the universal tool used to measure your Internet popularity. This is measured by checking the number of inbound links to your website. Check your Mozrank and  the number of inbound links to your website

We would like to take over and to manage the complete IT Marketing strategy for your Business

We enjoy serving our clients by Marketing their Websites, by implementing SEO and SEO Marketing techniques for them. Marketing and promoting your Business website through online website marketing and promotions, is the very best thing you can do, and the best place to invest some money.

Business Marketing, Internet marketing, SEM (search engine marketing), SEO (search engine optimisations) and online marketing of your business website is imperative and very important to your success.

Your options

"NORMAL" Marketing and Advertising Options


Flyers - ineffective and time consuming

Magazine or Newspaper Adverts - very expensive

TV or Radio -very expensive

or THE INTERNET - It is the Cheapest and most effective option available today   


The "TWO Main" Internet Marketing Options


Through advertising on and through your own Website  - You need to optimize your Website through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to have some success

AND Adverts on other Popular websites 



 We will Manually place adverts for you on the Internet's most powerful Websites

 This will immediately increase the number of Links (back links) to your websites!!
 Doing this will have a snowball effect, benefiting and drastically improving your Business Website, almost immediately. It will directly increase your * Page Rank, your * Mozrank Ratings (mR),  your
Alexa Backlinks & Alexa Popularities, your Website reputation as well as your Domain and Page Authorities.





The Benefits of LINKS

Increased Internet POPULARITY

Increased PR (Page Ranking)

Increased Mozranking (mR)

Much better Google/BING/Search Engine placements


Ultimate Goal and BENEFITS for YOU

Better Google/BING/Search Engine placements

More clients

More phone Calls

More Business                             

More sales

More money in your pocket


  Our Goal: YOUR SUCCESS and more time for yourself!!                                       



Important NOTES

Our offer is a 12 month Marketing plan and for this you will need to enter into a 12 month agreement with us which may not be cancelled for 12 months due to the large amount of time and money we will invest into Marketing and Promoting your Business
Our objective is to Market your Business so efficiently that you would like to keep us in place as your Business IT marketers for many years to come. We are interested in Long Term co-operation with you as our client.
We Market your Business and help you to make much more money and to succeed in Business.
In return we require from you to please pay us regularly and on time .



We hereby guarantee your total satisfaction and guarantee to increase your Google position within 90 days.

If we fail to Increase your Google ranking within 90 days, we shall upon request cancel your contract for the remaining of the 12 months agreement and no further payments shall be due.

We undertake to continue to keep your linked and to promote your Business for the FULL 12 Month period.





DID YOU KNOW? Specific Keyword- Statistical Data ....

The FIRST Google Position on page one gets 32.5% of all the clicks
Position TWO gets 17.6% and
Position Three get 11%

The FIRST Page receives 91.5% of all hits (listings one to ten)
Page Two 4.8% (listings eleven to twenty) and
Page Three only 1.1%
(listings twenty one to thirty) 

This means the following: If you can attain position THREE on PAGE ONE you will get 11% of all the hits on that keyword (one out of ten is very good indeed).

The Results: If you feature somewhere on page two or higher, you will certainly not be able to reach any significant Internet success. If you are however somewhere on PAGE TWO or higher and your website is already successful, this should mean that you can increase your Sales and revenue (also profits) with anything from 2000% to infinity if you could get to position ONE on Google. 



Optional other services we can also provide

Website Hosting - From R100 per month

A normal website with good content - Price starting from R3,000

One FREE update of your website per month (only if we maintain/host your website) - Else R150 per update

Facebook Adverts (very powerful advertising option)

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        Thanks for joining

                   Louis Kearney (owner LISTALL) or 012-751 6050 / 079 872 3339

View our full presentation slide show (Click on Link and Select "Save as"). You may also request our CD devired by hand, or by post. Simply send an email requesting the CD with your Postal and Physical address.


Pagerank and Mozrankings explained
 * Page Rank also known as PR
(Google Tool)  Check your PR rating ( )
 * MozRank (mR)
is a very powerful and popular tool you may use to measure your Internet Popularity-Check your Mozrank (
 The more inbound links to a website, the more popular it shall become. Links from important Websites will increase your popularity, and also your MozRank.
 The more popular you are, and the more inbound links you have, the better Google
(and other Search Engine-SERP) placements you will have.
 * Check your Mozrank (mR) and Back links Back-Links
are incoming links to a website, or links to your website displayed on other websites. In the   Internet world, the number of backlinks is one indication of the importance or popularity of that website or web-page  ( )  
Adverts placed on many of the Larger, FREE Advertising websites do not create accredited Links to your Business. These Links are normally not  seen or accredited as a Link to your website.

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